Overview and Conclusions

As can be seen, my "Response to Critics" is extensive. Including internal page links, there are perhaps eight hundred pages of materials. And what can said as an overall assessment of how professional scholars, scientists, and astronomers have treated 2012 and my work? Well, it's not pretty, but given the political hot-potato of 2012, it's not that surprising. In contrast to the lengthy exegesis of my responses to critics, my conclusions here will be blunt. So blunt that they perhaps will seem unwarranted. But if that is so, dear reader, then you must actually read some of the annotated items in the Response to Critics page.

To briefly overview, we have astronomers denying that the galactic alignment is real astronomy. We have NASA scientist and Harvard graduate David Morrison repeatedly portraying me, for four years, as a doomsday guy responsible for scaring little children. We have professional Mayanists asserting the most ridiculous, baseless, and false denigrations of me, personally, and my work. This includes a prejudicial denigration of me due to my perceived religious persuasion (itself being, however, false). We have another tier of self-appointed cyber-stalkers, using aliases to troll the internet and post lies on Youtube, Wikipedia, various blogs, and Amazon.

The scholars occupying the most prestigious and highest level of Maya Studies write books peppered with factual errors --- often in important areas that impinge directly upon having an accurate understanding of my work. We also find a preponderance of unsubstantiated assertions and opinionated judgments, in which they never accurately summarize what my work is about. We have media pundits echoing received judgments passed to them from presumptuous and clueless academic gatekeepers. We have degree-holding debunker types protecting their guild from new ideas presented by outsiders, crafting and force-fitting me into false and denigrating narratives. To accomplish this they have collaborated with colleagues to abuse the peer-review system, and exploit Wikipedia, Youtube, and Facebook. We have other scholars echoing --- knowingly or not --- my own pioneering work on 2012, even while their colleagues busily mitigate me.

Amidst this toxic soup of unethical mess, a small minority of progressive scholars have offered supportive comments and lent a consciously discerning ear to my work. But they, for the most part, have felt the iron heel of consequence looming over them, and have adapted their words accordingly. Nevertheless, several breakthrough papers on Maya astronomy have been published by professional maya scholars --- but they are largely ignored or judged without any kind of argument as to why. Alternate explanations that account for the presented evidence are not offered.

At this stage of the game, in September of 2014, it's quite disappointing. I'm advised to be patient, but it's quite apparent that scholars are done with 2012. It was an annoyance, and they now hope that it's been sufficiently mitigated. Most of them never accepted that 2012 could be investigated rationally as a true artifact of ancient Maya thought. (That's been my modus operandi since the 1980s.) The opening up of new discoveries in understanding Maya astronomy has largely fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps two or three scholars might still harbor a flicker of hope for moving the discussion forward, and they did their best, but they too have felt a little bit of what I've documented here. And email conversations no longer happen.

It's not about 2012. It's about understanding the true extent of ancient Maya astronomical genius, and how they integrated astronomy with their Creation Mythology. Alas, key curmudgeons harbor an irrational bias against a World Age doctrine in Mesoamerican thought, notwithstanding its acceptance by many scholars who have actually studied the topic (Brotherston, Hunt, D. Carrasco). In retrospect, "2012" might have catalyzed an honest and open-minded treatment and a major breakthrough, but the messenger came in from the wilderness, outside of the Ivory Tower guilds. I said, "look, here is the evidence that precession and a precessional alignment in era-2012 involves a core idea in Maya astronomy and Creation Mythology" (the Dark Rift). That connection had never before been recognized and articulated. It validated 2012 as a topic of investigation, and it led to all my findings in the balgame symbolism, king-making rites, the Creation Mythology, and at Izapa. Within the academic guild, certain scholars no doubt could see the compelling nature of my work and I'm certain that, for many of them, envy turned their hearts to black stone. It could not be allowed. To be a maverick trailblazer armed with a major breakthrough was their own dream, and no one else could get there first. Other scholars, less prickly and egotistical, charitably said "wow, you're onto something here," but were forced to bite their tongues for fear of reprisals. Placing truth above consensus (especially when the consensus is defined by bullies and b.s.-ers) has dangerous career-track repercussions.

That's where it stands right now. A sad testimony to hubris, disappointing lazy scholarship, mean-spirited vehemence, defamatory abuse of the peer-review system, utter dishonesty, and unethical turf-protecting behavior in science and scholardom, with a deeper and more accurate understanding of ancient Maya genius being the main casualty.

I'm done wading through the toxic soup. With this compilation and update to Update2012.com, I close a chapter. A big chapter --- one that began for me at age 12, when I encountered Frank Waters's book Mexico Mystique on July 4, 1976. Hooray! I hereby dissolve all contracts and expectations. I get to move on now to other areas of interest and passion. I thank all my friends and allies, for their love and help and comraderie through many journeys, books, tours, and conferences. And I thank my critics too, for offering their own lessons in bad behavior, and in how to deal with wounded cowards. I send you all love and healing, and will nurture more compassion for your predicaments.

637 days have elapsed since It's time to reboot and begin the next adventure. so'ham ... breathe...

I close a chapter of my life
   twenty-five or thirty years
I did my best to the very last
      lost my wife
      and died to the past
   To vanquish all my phantom fears

John Major Jenkins
September 19, 2014
4 Caban (Kahib N'oj) 10 Chen
Windsor, Colorado