October 2009

This issue of Update2012.com features the release of my new book, The 2012 Story,
and responses to recent articles and blogs
by Anthony Aveni, David Stuart, and Ed Krupp
Get the Facts!

Anthony Aveni's new book; My Presentation at Sony's press junket for the 2012 film; Blowback from prime time promo blitz for the 2012 film; David Stuart's 2012 Q & A; Distant Whispers of David Freidel; The Associated Press piece on 2012; Columbus meets the Taino, 1492; The Taino-Maya Alliance to Teach About 2012 Prophetic Philosophy; Attempted and Rejected Posts to Aztlan; The Red Book arrives; My new book is officially released. Sky & Telescope and Krupp's article; Villasenor's critique; Censored at Aztlan.

This has been a busy month. A great deal of misinformation and counterattacks have been generated in academia. I've felt the need to addres each one to reveal where the facts of the matter are. I don't expect the mass lunacy that dances around the 2012 craze to care that much about thesis issues. But it should be a reminder that scholars don;t necessarily have the answers. In fact, in my following responses we can clearly see that David Stuart, Anthony Aveni, and Ed Krupp are not providing accurate assessments or critiques and are frequently promulgating misconceptions and factually untrue assumptions.

David Stuart's new 2012 Q & A blog (http://decipherment.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/q-a-about-2012/) contains several factually incorrect assertions. Here is my response: http://Update2012.com/responsetostuartsblog.html

Associated Press piece by Mark Stevenson, which received a great deal of attention on the Web: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/L/LT_MEXICO_APOCALYPSE_2012?SITE=FLDAY&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT. My contribution to this piece was to emphasize to Mark that the doomsday angle was completely passe and incorrect. After my hour long conversation with him, I sent him the following email to summarize my points: [email to AP reporter] My work, nevertheless, was a bit buried in the piece and was flippantly countered by Phil Plait, the self-confessed "bad astronomer" who refuses to engage me in a conversation about my work and the role that the galactic alignment plays in reconstructing ancient Maya cosmology.

My response to brief article in Sky & Telescope online by Tony Flanders: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/64430612.html?pageSize=0

My response to Ed Krupp's article in Sky and Telescope: http://update2012.com/responsetoKrupp.html

My response to Anthony Aveni's article in Archaeology magazine: http://Update2012.com\ResponsetoAvenisarticle.html

Response to Villasenor & Freidel piece on mac site:

The Taino-Maya Alliance: http://www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com/

My new book: http://the2012story.com // Amazon reviews