November, 2009

Since this page is a primary reference link in my article "Approaching 2012" (2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse; ed. Gelfer, 2011), I am going to list below the links to my various reviews:

Review of the Villasenor / Freidel article that critiqued my work
Review of Mark Van Stone's book (November 2010)
Review of David Stuart's book, 2012: The Order of Days (reviewed July 2011)

My review of the Gelfer anthology 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse (2011, London: Equinox).

And now to the original content of this page:

This month was filled with bookstore events, media interviews, reviews and rebuttals, meetings with remarkable thinkers, family visits, and Prime Time press opportunities. My book had been out for less than a month when I began a West Coast book tour with an appearance in Hollywood, on the red carpet, for the opening of the 2012 disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich. I was well aware that the doomsday premise was going unquestioned, and trying to correct this is in the media carnival of a Hollywood movie opening was going to be difficult. I would be going down the network media line, talking to reporters for CNN, MTV, NBC, BBC, ABC --- you name it. I suspected that there would be very little chance that any of the interview footage I contributed my twenty years of research to would ever be broadcast to the public, so my brother Bill and I concocted a plan. With his experience living in Los Angeles, doing film and sound, he arrived with a camera and his friend Dario and stormed the media lines. They were able to get right up to the guardrails, and took an opportune moment to ask me a few questions. This was my chance, and we were able to make our own anti-doomsday counter message --- probably the only bit of interview footage telling the real story that emerged from that frenetic red carpet event. It is here on Youtube: Thank you to Bill and Dario for pulling off the miracle! This piece was the very first clip of any kind that I personally posted to Youtube, although there's a lot of my other interviews posted there.(Note: as of February 2012, this remains the only clip I ever personally posted to Youtube.)

On November 9, 2010, astronomer and long-time Griffith Observatory director Dr. Ed Krupp gave a presentation at a science institute near Los Angeles during which he falsely insinuation, against his better knowledge, that I was a doomsday guy, cleverly using a truncated quote from my 1998 book taken out of context. He also asserted that I was to blame for the current 2012 mess --- referring to the doomsday meme splashed around by the Hollywood "2012 doomsday" movie, which had premiered a few days earlier.

My West Coast tour included events at The Bodhi Tree bookstore (videotaped and soon to be made available), the Into the Duat event in Glendale, the Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, and Powell's Books in Portland. Along the way, over a three-week period I did over forty radio, TV, and press interviews. With the 2012 movie coming out on November 13, the media was in a tizzy and I was much sought after for comment. Among the many media events that occurred in November:

Newspaper and magazine interviews I did appeared in numerous places: Vancouver Sun, South Bay News, Denver News, Boulder Daily Camera (Dale Bridges), U.K. Sideways News, Wisdom magazine, USAToday, Portland newspaper, LA Daily News, many others.

I was interviewed on many radio progams including the David Sirota show (AM760 Denver), Coast to Coast AM, and Alex Ansary.

I was also dealing with critical attacks from scholars and pseudo-scholars. I respond here to an email from epigrapher Mark Van Stone: ResponsetoMarkVanStone.html. My responses to Aveni and Krupp can be found in the October update. Yet another critique, by David Freidel and Marcos Villasenor, came to my attention around this time. I responded to it a few months later, when time permitted, and it is posted now here:

Reaching exhaustion toward the end of my tour, just before Thanksgiving, a heated exchange unfolded on my Facebook page, instigated by anthropologist John Hoopes (KU Lawrence), which I was unable to follow and moderate (during this time I was either in Motel 6s or at friends' houses; my time was micromanaged, I was doing multiple interviews a day, and I was not aware of what was happening). As time would show, John Hoopes has proven to be an ethically compromised scholar willing to spread disinformation about me in peer-reviewed journals --- a very sad commentary on contemporary academia. My host in Portland, Bill Maxson, generously facilitated a great experience for me at Powell's and our conversations, as usual, were chocked full of interesting stories and information.

In one amazing highlight of the whole trip, I was able to visit with Maya astronomer and epigrapher Michael Grofe. We talked till late into the night, and hashed over astronomy and inscriptions from Copan, Palenque, and Tortuguero. He introduced me to Martha Macri, and I left with the feeling that Dr Grofe has already contributed incredible insights to the advancement of understand ancient Maya thought, and will do more in the future.

I was home in Colorado the day before Thanksgiving, exhausted.