The 2014 Year in Review


John Major Jenkins


Another eventful year in the post-2012 world, the second Tun of the new 13-Baktun cycle (the second Tun ended on December 11, 2014, New Long Count

I am reflective by nature. I am always referencing my present to memories of people, places, and past events. This alchemy is a constant recycling and churning that forges a new me and leads me into the future.  This can turn into nostalgia and melancholy, sadness and regrets. I keep trying to figure out what happened, why things happened, what went wrong, what I could have done differently.  I recognize this might not always be healthy, but it’s the only way I can process my life.

With the bizarre, amazing, and difficult events leading up to 2012 now two years in the file cabinet of time, I’m gaining perspective. And insight. On one hand, I haven’t quite moved on yet, as I dwell in reprocessing and rethinking and revisiting. This past year, I have been deeply engaged in compiling and archiving my writings, my publications, and email exchanges. I have literally been going through stacks of papers, event materials, manuscripts, old hard drives, CD disks, magazines and newspapers I’ve published in, receipts, violated contracts, and royalty statements. My goal was to compile and organize The 2012 Dossier.

This is part of my effort to move on, to leave 2012 behind as a done deal. To have closure. But I can’t do that until I’ve processed and organized everything relevant to who said what and what happened when. The effort’s been going on since mid-2013. Now, as of October of this year, I can say that The 2012 Dossier is more or less complete. It consists of three “volumes” (or collections) totaling roughly 1500 pages, each with a Table of Contents. Set on the table, it’s a stack of print-outs 15” high. It’s now tightly stashed in an old black suitcase, but I anticipate publishing it or releasing it at some point.      

            Related to this effort, sort of as a spin off, I’ve organized everything I published in the Institute of Maya Studies newsletter — some sixteen items between 1995 and 2013. This provides a framework upon which a 2012 narrative can be hung, for each piece has a back-story, and many of them resulted in critiques and dialogues with scholars. I’ve worked on this in the last weeks of 2014, writing an exegesis on each essay while compiling related email exchanges from my archives. It was like being an archaeologist of my own bio-bibliography, and I’ve seen things from new perspectives in the process.  It’s basically done as 2014 closes. It totals almost 90,000 words and I provisionally call it The IMS Papers. 

Along the way, I was able to archive email threads preserved in my MS Outlook program, going back to 2002 and earlier. I even fired up my old IBM 386 computer, which served me well between 1992 and 1998, and found some vintage exchanges — pre-email “letters” in the old school sense — with friends and scholars. Over 22 years of conversations, invitations, queries, debates, arguments, allies and discoveries. Much of it relates to the 2012 research. One gem rescued from the brink of oblivion is the entire sequence of emails exchanges that occurred on the 2012News Yahoo group, launched and moderated by Geoff Stray in August 2006. It was a lively discussion for four or five months, but then started to morph and get diluted in the ways that chat groups often do. After committing much digital ink to it, I quit in March of 2007, and within a few months Geoff deleted it as it became overrun with non-2012 agendas. So, although not archived online, I have the entire thing preserved.

All of this has been compiled into sub-archives, with much of it printed out. Several suitcases hold the legacy. Maybe someday, 2012 historians will benefit from it, and can judge for themselves what went on and who went off. With some choice back-alley email exchanges between the "professional" scholars preserved, we can reconstruct an anti-2012 and anti-JMJ agenda of mitigation. The media loves this kind of thing, unless, of course, it indicts the media and its clueless pundits in being complicit in the deceptive mitigations. But without it, there won’t be much to go on. Sure, there's the Wayback Machine, but one must find the relevant items and that is already like searching for nano-needles in a universe-sized haystack. It was hard enoigh locating this stuff on my old hard drives.

These efforts sort of feel like closure, but, actually, no now I doubt that I will ever really have closure. The work is still going on in the back of my mind; 2012 was seriously distorted and abused, raped and pillaged by a vacuous media and clueless scholars. It feels like the story can’t possibly be over, as the discoveries already made haven’t even been integrated into the discussion. That’s the problem. Transmitters need receivers. But I did my best, and there’s nothing more I can do at this point. So this update for 2014 signals a departure and my determined intention to move onto other pursuits.


Now to the details and links. I’m a writer, and I’ve focused in my previous Year Reviews on publications, writings, and events. I’ll do that here and I’ll loosely order the various items as I think of them.


Published items:

Coining the Realm (of the 2012 Phenomenon): A Review of the Essay by Whitesides & Hoopes.” In Zeitschrift für Anomalistik, Band 14, nr. 1 (January 2014).


This was a peer-review paper published in the German journal that published a special “2012” edition in mid-2012. It contained the prize-winning essay by MacLeod & Van Stone, a review of the anthology called 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse (ed. Joseph Gelfer) in which I have a chapter, and an essay by Whitesides & Hoopes called “Seventies Dreams and 21st Century Realities.” I became aware of these items in mid-2013, and noticed many errors and misleading characterizations of the 2012 phenomenon and my work. I tried to communicate about it directly with Whitesides and Hoopes in mid-2013, which led to months of evasions. So I wrote an official critique and after peer-review it was accepted by the journal's editors. It was written mainly in December 2013 and was released in late July with a January 2014 pub date.   The heresy of me getting a peer-reviewed critique published resulted in strenuous efforts by Hoopes (if not Whitesides) in muddying and blocking the process. They were invited to respond. Consequently, I produced a rebuttal and compiled the email exchanges that were revealing of the ongoing shenanigans committed by the primary anti-2012 activist, John Hoopes. These things unfolded through August of 2014, and include:


Scholars Refuse to Correct Factual Errors in Their Peer-Reviewed Study


Scholarly Dreams and Factual Realities: Exposing Academic Tactics of Mitigation in the Critique of the 2012 Phenomenon.


Mayanism: An Ideological Prison Invented by John Hoopes.


Truth Deniers: How Scholars Exploit the Internet and Avoid Dialogue.” (Exchanges on the "2012 Research Discussion Group" on Facebook)


My review-critique itself is available on and on The Center for 2012 Studies website:


“Lord Jaguar’s 2012 Sacrifice: Astrotheology and Magical Invocations in a 7th-century Maya Text.” In Clavis: Journal of Occult Art, Letters, and Experience. Volume 3: “Glyph and Stone.” I wrote this in early 2014 and it was published in December. It shares my latest thoughts on the importance of the “2012” text from Tortuguero.


Various pieces and other essays:


Who is Sion ap Siencyn?” (April)


The Welsh Plygain” (May)


Review of Aveni’s Comments on the Izapan Ballcourt Alignment” (June)


The How and Why of 2012 Revisited, 20th Anniversary” (May 23, 2014)


Comments on the ‘Great Return’ Essay of Barbara MacLeod and Mark Van Stone” (August) and “Two Possible Scenarios” (August).


Brief Survey of Comments in Van Stone’s 2012 Book” (August)


Did the Creators of the Long Count fix their 2012 cycle-ending to the Galactic Alignment? June 7, 2014.


Iconic Kennings in the Symbolic Statements of Izapa. June 2014.


Maya Ballcourt Alignments: Comments on Stephen Houston's Article. July 31, 2014.


Frank Waters on 2012: Addendum to his 1975 book Mexico Mystique September 5, 2014.


The Astronomy of Three Dates in the Xultun Tables. October 2, 2014. 


Copan Stela C: Sun King in the Creation Place. October 29, 2014.


Andrew Collins, Ronald Wells, and the Cygnus Rift Alignment. December 1, 2014. 


In late April I wrote a meditation on shamanism and awakening for a healing project called Shamanic Souls.


"Scholars on 2012 and the Dawn of a New Era." June 2014. I noticed that a Maya archaeologist at the October 2012 OAS meeting in Washington DC expressed "renewal" and "New Era" ideas about 2012, and other perspectives that have been central to my reconstruction work.This underscores another example of the "official" adoption of ideas I first published and pioneered in the reconstruction of what 2012 meant to the ancient Maya.


"What Categories Do My Books, and My Authorship, Belong To?" (In response to the many loose assertions made by scholars that I am a “New Age author”). Of course, that's just a pejorative label, and one that can't be supported by looking at how the Library of Congress and the library cataloguing system identifies my books. January 2014.


Lookie what I found: "A Day in the Life of an Unemployed Maverick Cosmologist." May 2014.


I produced a final final edit on my novel, originally titled Remembering 2012 but, after much thought, has been re-titled Three Plumed Judas. I looked around for agent representation, but apparently in the new publishing world you have to have thousands of “friends” following you on your various well-optimized “platforms.” This is the industry’s way of ensuring that you are going to do their job of promotion for them, yet they will still take 87.5% of the profits. What a world, what a world.   


In other research, I’ve had some mind blowing revelations about Celtic Mythology and history. This grew out of my name origin and genealogy research. I discovered a collatoral cousin branch that preserved the remembrance that the Jenkins family came to the New World from Wales in the early 17th century.  I also discovered court documents related to my direct 9th-great grandfather, John Jenkins from Wales (b. 1625), one of the first Quakers in Sandwich, Massachusetts who was in Boston by about 1643. Through some deductive detection work I reasonably suspect he came from Monmouthshire, a contested border county sometimes identified as being in England but historically Welsh. Searching Parish records I found a John Jenkin baptized in April of 1625, from the town of Llangattock Nigh Usk (near Abergavenny). More research needs to be done. Most intriguingly, I’ve uncovered a model of Brythonic and Gaelic cultural interfaces that gave rise to similar surnames in both regions (Wales and Ireland). This linguistic model is embraced by some scholars, but comes up against centuries of Anglo-Norman language biases. In any case, the oldest documentation on the Jenkins name that I can trace is an Irish anchorite (monk) named Naemhan Ua Seinchinn, who died in Ireland in 1013 AD (according to the Annals of the Four Masters). A helpful Irish archaeologist-scholar I found online actually retains this surname today, and he believes his family traces to Shannon River settlements. The early 11th century was right afer surnames started being adopted in Ireland, and I suspect it comes out of the tribal name of the Senchineoil (the elder clan) who ruled the region (modern County Roscommon) up to the 6th century AD but who were subsumed into the invading Soghain population. The leading families would have adopted and/or retained the tribal designator of "Senchine" and they seem to have taken hereditary positions as the poet-historians and genealogists attached to royal houses. Understandable enough that the "elder tribe" would be appointed as the preservers and singers of the ancient lore. The Ollam and the Senchai are vocational titles in Irish Bardic tradition, and Senchan Torpeist was a famous 7th-century Chief Poet of Ireland who satirized greedy rats with his words. The Jenki are still satirizing rats.

The Welsh name Jenkins (Siencyn) has an archetypal resonance with root-concepts that manifest in the hereditary role of the Seanchaidth (traditional poets, chiefs of the lore) which survives today in the art of the Seanachie (storytellers). The linguistic and historical links (such as in Senchan Torpeist) are there to contemplated, leading by linguistical casuistry into the Welsh name Cynghen (anglicized as “Little John”) and then via syllabic transposition to gen-cyn (Sen-Kyn or, afterward, Jen-Kyn). Or perhaps the name Senchan morphed directly into Sen-Kyn (Siencyn or Shenkin in Welsh = Jenkin). There’s MUCH more that I’ve uncovered, all of which is quite revolutionary, but it’s in my notes and I haven’t compiled it all together into a presentable form. 

In December I added some corrections and updates to our family genealogy book, which my Dad wrote in the 1990s. It includes some new findings and photos. “Doc: The Life and Family of Frank Lukenbill Jenkins, Sr.”


Songs and Poetry:

I wrote a song on my guitar in mid-May. It had been several years since doing so, and it has the feeling of an inspired manifestation. There’s an archive on my website of older songs in both guitar and bouzouki, totaling 40+ songs. The new one is called “Old Druid Song” and the lyrics for it are in my essay called “The Welsh Plygain”. A rough recording is here: I also revived and revised an old guitar song from 1991, called "This Song Was Written Long Ago." I played a few open mics this summer, with friends Josh and Michelle at Windsor’s High Hops brewery, and at a few house parties.

I have archived all the Tryptagonal poetry that is used in my seven-volume Djin Maegus opus. It amounts to over 1000 of these six-line poems. I recorded all of them with my ailing laptop, which can't handle the editing process, so they are in a rough cut state. Most only need some clipping and cleaning up, but my laptop can't deal with the big file sizes. I'm able to record them directly to an external hard drive, with a good Blue Yeti microphone. Apart from Tryptagonals on the Peru tour (in early January), this past year I only wrote a few random Tryptagonals, here and there. But they still come, and I share my three most recent ones at the end of this page.  



I extensively updated my website called This was part of my “I’m outta here” effort. By October I had organized a great deal of new revelations regarding scholarly shenanigans, courtesy of the intellectual dishonesty and poor standards of Ed Krupp, David Morrison, and others. These involve some presentations they did that came to my attention in mid-2014.  The front page was redone, I added a "Year in Review" for  2013, and there are now two primary access points to the site, in the top header, called “Response to Critics” and “Overview and Conclusions”.  A lot of newly compiled archival material and summaries here.  

I also added some ongoing essays to The Center for 2012 Studies, most of which are listed above.  My site remains a good umbrella portal, but I didn’t add anything to it this year. 



Radio show interviews:    

Jimmy Church “Fade to Black” Radio Show (#46, April)


Marty Leeds Mathemagical Radio Hour (July); with music by Jane Joyce.


Gabriel D. Roberts Radio Show (#3, August)




I tried to maintain correspondence with my scholar-friends. Additional breakthroughs kept unfolding — for example the Xultun astronomy and my Zeitschrift für Anomalistik review-essay finally after years of enduring abuse at the hands of unethical scholarly critics I finally had an officially sanctioned peer-reviewed response. In addition, there are unresolved issues with discoveries made at Copan. Sadly, some friendships have disintegrated. Everyone is “busy” and probably not that interested in 2012-related astronomical research anymore, unless it directly relates to the carefully expressed concerns of career, which requires a healthy distancing from the 2012 topic. In the face of persecution by the anti-2012 debunker priests, the 2012 topic thus remains muted within the small arena of “official” papers published by progressive scholars. Understandable but unfortunate.

Generally, I observe within the social media climate that the art of correspondence — which I always held high even in the pre-email era — has increasingly gone by the wayside as peoples’ brains become altered through their incessant habitual interfacing with Smart Phones and texting, where rarely is even a word correctly spelled.


My friend Kristian from Ohio visited twice, and we collaborated on the poetry broadside project with poet and author Victoria Hanchin. Our dialogues continue to unfold in interesting ways.


A three-for-one offer was posted with an excerpt from my 2009 book The 2012 Story. And in 2014 I sold one of these packages! Oh, along these lines, my total royalties for 2014 on four books and one CD program (all still in print) = $11.72. My efforts to resolve issues and contractual violations with my publisher, Inner Traditions / Bear & Company, met with stalls and evasions. They are unwilling to return the print rights to me, for my Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 book (which they failed to translate into Spanish), even though it is for all intents and purposes out of print. They keep one available in a drawer, thus they claim it's still in print. And they sell it as a Kindle book and gave it to Scribd without my permission, and without having a valid signed e-book contract in place. Anybody know a lawyer?



Letterpress Printing:

This has been a source of enjoyment. I got new rollers for the Little Giant no. 4 (1943) and did a poster project with my friend Kevin. I also laboriously completed a 12 x 12 poetry broadside on my 1902 C&P press at home (limited edition of 144).  I got the huge Campbell Century Pony press running AND printing! Had to put a new motor on it; see updates at I’m ready to launch my quarterly newspaper. I set up a mini-shop in my front porch at home, called The Porch Printery. I finally dug out the Kelsey Union and Poco no. 2 proof press from storage. It’s a concise and complete mini-shop in 105-square feet.  I did a lino-cut by hand and built a photopolymer exposure unit; running some tests on it. Planning more projects in 2015.



Trip Reports:

I can’t forget that I welcomed in 2014 at Machu Picchu! It was a great first visit to Peru, and my sister Cindy was along for the tour. I wrote a trip report in January called Inca Alchemy.   


In more personal news, the divorce was final on January 17th. We spent exactly 16 years together, through ups and downs, and I wish her the best. It’s now been two years since we parted ways and I’m planning some house renovations this coming year.


My brother Don and sister-in-law, Erika, visited with their family this summer. Paige and Alex are growing up! I was grateful to be invited to visit them in March, for my 50th birthday; they live on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Yep, I turned 50 this year. Time ... time. I had an ear infection in late August that knocked me down for a few weeks, but apart from that I’m intact, don't take any medications, and wasn’t sick all year.   



Solstice Tryps for 2014:


The end of time has come and gone

   done all that before

I sit and stare and wonder why

     the Maya dawn

     seen in the sky

   Seems to be a closing door


Bore me with a stupid fact

   that fails to see what’s true

I do not know why you don’t see

     the deck is stacked

     and, eventually

   You know what the Maya knew


And what the ancient Maya said

   about the end of time:

It’s a spiritual light to be reborn

     when you are dead

     So greet the morn!

   and make your incarnations rhyme


          —John Major Jenkins


the Originization of Names