2013 Update

Thus begins continuing research and the process of sweeping up the debris around the much abused and misunderstood 2012 topic.

January 1, 2013: 2012 becomes a totally irrelevant non-topic.

January: I complete, and post, my "13th Baktun Trip Report."

Explored and fleshed out Michael Grofe's discovery at Copan. Library research. My essays goes through many revisions, and awaits Grofe's publication of his discovery.

Wrote the "2012 in Retrospect" piece for the "21st Century Blues" blog.

I am attacked and assaulted; I write the "Bane of Fame" piece.

The "Metahistorical Zero Date" essay; communications with Geoff Stray.

Doing some editing and letterpress printing jobs.

I write and tailor a "2012 retrospective" article for Quest Magazine. After initial interest, they decide not to publish it.

Research. I wrote an essay on Palenque Temple XXI, and the Holmul frieze.

Pursing other research, on Wales and Arthurian / Merlin legends; Welsh literature, the Mabinogion, genealogy and name origins.

May. I redesign and re-launch my umbrella website, http://JohnMajorJenkins.com.

June-July. Wage slave job, night shift. I attempt communications with Hoopes and Whitesides regarding their flawed Z.fur Anom article. They are evasive, but I am patient. I renew contact several months later. More evasion.

August. Rain, hail, heat. My brother's family visits. I camp out in the Rockies.

September: I speak in Buffalo, NY, at the Jung Center, and perform as an honorary puppeteer with Franklin LaVoie at the Scottish-Irish Festival.

October. I do three interviews with Jarrett Cole on Winnipeg Radio. After many months of compiling and printing out files, I complete a first iteration of a multi-volume "2012 Dossier" --- reviews, articles, interviews, and (most importantly) email exchanges with scholars and other writers on 2012. It is conceived as a comprehensive dossier on what happened, who said what (and when), reviews, and time lines. Useful for 22nd-century historians (if the dossier survives (and if humanity survives)). Currently, the print-out totals roughly 1,500 pages.

November: Email exchange with Aveni, on my Benfer essay.

I write a critique-review of the Whitesides/Hoopes article that was published in Zeitschrift fur Anomalistik (2012); it is peer-reviewed and approved for publication in the January 2014 issue of Zeitschrift fur Anomalistik. (It is released July 31, 2014).

December 28, 2013 - January 8, 2014. I travel to Peru with tour group, give two presentations.