2012 Update

The Year 2012 saw an acceleration of events and, by any judgment, astounding new discoveries. The period from June to the end of December could fill a book. As such, I'm going to provide a very brief survey, and leave the more detailed elaboration for a later time, should there be any interest.

January: More censorship on Aztlan; I cancel my membership after 16 years. My Mindscape article is published.

February: Had to cancel West Coast event; our beloved cat Trazzie dies.

March: My new essays, posted on The Center for 2012 Studies website. Debate with Stan Guenter. The Xultun astronomical tables announced in an article in Science. My New Dawn article is published.

March-April-June:: Michael Grofe's articles in the IMS Explorer

April. I give a presentation at the New England Archaeological Research Association.

April. I speak at a Whole-Earth event on the East Coast.

May: I speak at the May eclipse / Synaesthesia event and West Coast / Sedona / Sante Fe driving trip.

June: Venus transits the sun / Ray Bradbury dies. The first Izapa Roundtable Conference held in Tapachula (speakers include myself, Norman, Van Stone, and Stanzione). I learn about the Ballgame Monument Park, designed after my theory, in nearby Tuxtla Chico. The "2012" inscription from La Corona is announced on Stuart's blog. I write an analysis of the astronomical content of the text. One of my comments on Stuart's blog is censored.

July. I write two more papers on the new La Corona text. I speak in Sedona, do two radio interviews. My article for The Heretic Magazine is published. Around this time Zeitschrift fur Anomalistik’s "special 2012 edition" is released, with articles by MacLeod & Van Stone, Whitesides & Hoopes, and a review of the Gelfer anthology (2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse). I was not able to read this material until mid-2013.

August. I drive to Telluride and give three presentations at the Telluride Mushroom Conference. I give an interview to Jeffrey Pritchett. The Archaeoastronomy Journal, Vol. XXIV issue is released (with essays on 2012 by Carlson, Van Stone, Calloway, Grofe, Boot, Whitesides, MacLeod). I am writing my book Reconstructing Ancient Maya Astronomy, and incorporate some reviews of the essays. John B. Carlson announces that he will give a talk at the Smithsonian Institution, indicating he will comment on the 2012 astronomy question (my theory). I send him an email query with some links to my research; he doesn't respond. I email a follow-up inquiry as to his thoughts about the astronomical part of my reconstruction, two years later --- again, as usual, no response.

September: Brazil retreat, 14 days, showing of the film 2012: The Beginning. I give two presentations. The conference with astronomer Isabelle Hawkins, Grofe and Shannon and others happens at the Tech Museum in the Bay Area. We do a premiere showing of the film in Boulder, member sof the band Kan’nal play; I give a presentation.

October. Lady K'abel's tomb discovery announced. I fly to Los Angeles to speak at a conference. My book, Reconstructing Ancient Maya Astronomy, is released (Oct 15). I fly to Honduras for two premiere showings of the film, and press conferences, with Shannon (in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula). We fly directly to Winnipeg, Canada, for another premiere showing and I give a presentation. Arriving home in late October, I attend the local Hollerween festival.

November: I speak in Fort Collins, do a webinar with Shannon Kring Buset, interview with Red Ice Radio. I help a friend move a printing press, and begin a collaboration which fizzles (in 2013) after I realize he is using my letterpress printing service as an out-source for his profits. My satirical article on "Apocalypse" appears in local paper.

December. I speak in Boulder, and do a radio interview in Boulder. My final comments on 2012 are published in the IMS Explorer. I speak at the Earth Keepers conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. I decide that my final book, Time Conscious Kingdoms, cannot be completed; I save it in an 80% complete state. I interview for the UK Guardian and the San Francisco Guardian newspaper. I decline several last minute interview invitations. I arrange to accommodate the proposed video trip to Izapa, with Gaiam (Dec 14-17). I travel to Izapa (Dec 14) and interview for the film documentary at the site and two other locations (flights were missed, arrived to Tapachula at 4 a.m.). I receive email from Robert Benfer, with bad news about his archaeoastronomy anthology. Barraged by email for last minute interview requests; I cannot accommodate any of them with my inane schedule. For three days I get about ten hours of sleep. I travel overland (Dec 17) by bus from Tapachula to Antigua, and speak at the Maya Cosmology Museum at the Jades SA. I travel overland by shuttle (Dec 18) to Copan Honduras, for The Great Return conference. I speak at the Gaia Pavilion at San Lucas Hacienda (Dec 19). Michael Grofe gives his talk and announces an important new (possible) discovery on a Copan monument; Barbara MacLeod gives her presentation. The group attends a showing of the film 2012: The Beginning (Dec 20), with about 1,000 people showing up. We observe Jupiter overhead, by Aldebaran. Dec 21: Our group goes into the site of Copan before dawn, and assemble around Stela C. Meditation, ceremony, dawn arrives. We spend nine hours in the site. David Sedat gives a tour. Michael confirms his discovery; I do a video interview with Kristian A. and visit the Milky Way portal with Franklin L. Back to San Lucas Hacienda in the late afternoon, I send an email update to Facebook. Fire ceremony that evening, dinner, celebration. Dec 22: we visit Los Zapos. Dec 23: Michael and I return by shuttle to Antigua. Xmas in Antigua, with friends at Jades SA. Michael gives a presentation on Dec 28, we all have dinner. I leave for home, spend an overnight in Atlanta with Jim Reed and Nathan. Home on the afternoon of December 30th. New Year's Eve: I begin writing my 17-day "13th Baktun" trip report, and sent an email to Shannon, Ed, Michael, Barb, and others.

Happy New Baktun!