2011 Update:

In many ways, 2011 was an extraordinary year --- incredible for the simultaneous breakthroughs, validations, and increasing acrimony leveled at me by scholars. Among my friends we discussed this as an extreme polarization, a seeking for reconciliation that might be expected in these divisive times. Such an abstract philosophical perspective was fine for ruminating, but to live it was another matter. A counselor friend has told me that I was going through an underworld initiation. It seemed like every promising and semi-miraculous achievement and advance was countered by ignorant and mean-spirited attacks.  

The Oxford IX Archaeoastronomy conference occurred in Lima Peru in early January 2011. Maya scholars Barbara MacLeod and Michael Grofe, who had participated in the MEC-FACEBOOK Discussion just a few weeks earlier, gave presentations. Also, John Carlson and Mark Van Stone (co-heads of the 2012 section), Carl Callaway, Nick Campion, and John Hoopes. In truth, Hoopes was not in attendance and did not deliver his planned paper at the conference. Nevertheless, Carlson green-lighted his paper for publication in the conference proceedings (which Carlson supervised and edited, released in July of 2011). This circumstance is curious. Hoopes's paper continued his crafting of a "Mayanism" concept to categorically corral mostly non-academic writings on 2012. His assessments and summaries and critiques of my work would prove to be denigrating and flawed, as would soon become apparent with his "review" that appeared in Carlson's Archaeoastronomy Journal (Vol. XXII, released in March of 2011). But in January through April of 2011 I still believed Hoopes could be trusted and it  was worth discussing my work and 2012-related issues with him. This all changed by late June.

In late January I gave a presentation on Lord Jaguar's astronomy at the Institute of Maya Studies in Miami. My friend Jim Reed videotaped it and posted it on Youtube.

In January 2011 the trade book by scholars Matthew Restall and Amara Solari was published. See my comments in the "Response to Critics" page.

In February I spoke at another conference in Florida, with Geoff Stray and Robert Sitler, and organized by Maggie Marullo.

In early March I flew back to Miami to be interviewed for a 2012 documentary, 2012: Soul to Soul. While there, I recorded by phone the interview with C.S. Soong for KPFC Berkeley radio --- a very good interview that is online. We did a follow-up interview after I returned from Mexico, in April, and he added that to the interview.

In mid-March, with the help of friends, I rescued a large 19th-century flat-bed cylinder printing press. It was the historical press from Leadville, Colorado. We moved it with great effort into my garage-shop in Fort Collins.

Also in mid-March I responded to a faux-friendly query from John Hoopes. He wanted to be better informed about my work in preparation for his upcoming presentation at the Austin meetings, and sent me a bullet list of questions. I responded in detail: http://Update2012.com/Hoopes-the-Snollygoster-March2011.pdf. He followed up with additional probings into whether I'd read Dane Rudhyar, Blavatsky, Mircea Eliade. By this time (late March) I was traveling in Mexico, but I still responded. However, I was aware that Hoopes liked to craft "indictments of association" and I didn't want to share personal details about my spiritual life, as that would be like handing kittens to a wolf. Sure, enough, his Austin presentation didn't share one shred of what I'd explained to him in my responses to his questions. Why would Carlson befriend and green-light such a dishonest style of scholarship? Well, I suspect it's because Hoopes could served a purpose, play a role, in the upsurge of scholarly interest in 2012. Basically, I had to be swept out of the way so scholars like Carlson could re-iterate, with impunity, my long-held "deity sacrifice and world-renewal" interpretation.

While in Florida at the conference with Stray and Sitler, filmmaker Shannon Kring-Buset arrived to do some interviews. Her documentary, 2012: The Beginning, was really getting underway, and we were scheduled to go to Mexico in late March, to visit the Tortuguero Monument 6 in person. Then I could examine the inscription up close, take close-up macro photos, and try to clarify some things. Shannon pulled off a miracle, as the museum was closed at the time, and Maya scholar Chris Powell (who lives nearby) also came.

Seeing Tortuguero Monument 6 in person, on March 28, 2011, was astounding. The visit, sadly, came shortly after learning of Jose Arguelles's untimely death at age 72. My report was posted online in June. We also went to and filmed at Palenque, and afterward I went myself to San Cristobal de las Casas for a few days.

In April I spoke at a UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a beautiful area. My Lord Jaguar presentation was  similar to the one I gave at the IMS; this one was also recorded. Through April I studied my photos and notes and wrote a long report on Tortuguero Monument 6. In June of 2011, I announced the report’s publication to the Aztlan e-list and made my photos freely available to scholars. I only received a response from Grofe. Although my photos clarified some details on the controversial P4 glyph, no scholar has ever mentioned or cited my Tortuguero report.

I spoke at a Whole-Life type conference on the East Coast, early May.

In May I spoke at the Megalithomania conference in Glastonbury, England. I spoke at four other events, including one in London. Saw Stonehenge and Avebury (again), and climbed the Tor. First time back since 1999. I found John Michell's early book on Cornwall, and began the research that would flesh out my Jenkins name origins.

In June I posted my Tortuguero Report and my "Birth-Sacrifice Monument" essay on The Center for 2012 Studies website. I believed these would generate some real interest among scholars, but instead the attack energy from two scholars broad-sided my proactive efforts and achievements. First, David Stuart's 2012 book, The Order of Days, was publish. It treated my work very poorly, without even summarizing what it was! Just negative opinions that readers were suppose to accept. I wrote a blunt review, posted it to Amazon and my website. Next, I discovered Hoopes's Archaeo Vol. XXII "review" of Aveni and Van Stone's books, which slipped in a defamatory construct that I worked as an astrologer and got my galactic ideas from astrologer Dane Rudhyar (both false). Thus followed weeks of trying to get answers from Hoopes, Carlson, and the journals manager at the University of Texas Press. (See my comments in the "Response to Critics" page.

In late July of 2011, Carlson announced the publication of the Oxford IX conference proceedings, an anthology he edited for the IAU.

In July and August I was working on my book Lord Jaguar's 2012 Inscriptions.

In June or July I went to Washington DC to be interviewed for Graham Townley’s 2012 documentary, which despite his assurances was turned into a doomsday vehicle --- it ended up being a sham and a fiasco.

In late August, Barb MacLeod's sent me the beta version of the piece for Zeitschrift fur Anomalistik piece, co-authored with Van Stone. I wrote a long review and sent her a quick correction on one item (at the end of the article it was stated that we are currently living in the 12th Baktun; no, we --- in 2011 --- were living in and about to close out the 13th Baktun). My lengthier review was filed away, sent to Barb and Van Stone in November or December. Later, in 2014, I wrote a review of the published piece (see "Response to Critics" page for the link).

My book(let), Lord Jaguar's 2012 Inscriptions was published as a limited edition release for distribution at the third Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle (September 9-12, 2011), where I gave a presentation. Sold about 60 copies at the event, and another 100 or so through 2012. 

Through September and October I worked on articles for Mindscape and New Dawn magazine, revised my Benfer article, and prepared for upcoming events in Little Rock (Nov. 11), Toronto, and Concord, NH.

I also did print interviews for Common Grounds magazine and Nexus magazine, and re-released my "Commentary on Hamlet's Mill" article, with a new postscript.

In December I had another email exchange with Van Stone. A planned trip to Izapa-Tapachula for the solstice fell through.

In early December the Gelfer anthology, 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse, was released. My chapter “Approaching 2012” dealt with the scholarly critics and also summarized the new discoveries on the astronomy in the Tortuguero inscriptions. 

I was interviewed by William Henry for the Dreamlands program on December 21, 2011.

Mark Van Stone asserted, on the John Gambling radio show (Dec 21, 2011), that “the world is ending!” This led to my Aztlan posts, a debate about the efficacy of Wikipedia, and my posts being censored. One of my emails was written on December 24, 2011, which was the Waters/Coe cycle ending date (see Part 2 in this file: http://www.update2012.com/End-of-world-discussion-Aztlan-August2011.html).

December 30-31, 2011. I finally sat down and wrote the final chapter of my novel. I had been outlining and chewing on it for several years. I knew it was the final piece of the puzzle. My patience and the timing worked out well, as it came out largely in one sitting. I remember a solid five hours at Equinox Brew Pub in Fort Collins, probably on the 31st. The novel was largely written in February of 2005.  Since completing this final chapter, I’ve worked it over with micro-edits, reading aloud, feedback from two more readers. My final final final efforts involved cutting extraneous images and, after much thought, changing the title from Remembering 2012 to Three Plumed Judas.

Three Plumed Judas

And thus the much-anticipated year, 2012, arrived.