2010 Update

2010 began with the Tipping Point conference in Yucatan, Mexico, January 20-25. It was a quite large and popular conference organized by Cody and Robin. It included a celebration of Jose Arguelles's 71st birthday. My presentation was recorded. Dr. Joseph Gelfer was there, and I did an interview with him for a program he was working on. I was interviewed, and appear briefly in, the documentary called La Palabra Maya (The Mayan Word). I was railroaded by the Canadian BC --- I was interviewed and then they focused on the doomsday angle and survivalist nonsense. I was also interview by Graham Hancock’s son for a proposed documentary; he asked good questions and the footage was posted on Youtube. 

Other curious events transpired, including a bit of a debacle around an audience member who questioned Arguelles's calendar correlation --- an issue I had brought to the surface with my critiques of the 1990s (my 1992/1994 book Tzolkin). My wife was able to attend, and we visited Coba, Chichen Itza, Villahermosa, and Ek Balam. The Hancocks and other luminaries were there. 

I spoke at three events in Florida in February, organized by Madison Moore (or was this February of 2011?). I traveled to Cairo, Egypt in March, to speak at a tour-conference in Cairo, Egypt, organized by Robert Bauval. It was great to see the pyramids and meet Robert (we were in contact in 1997 and he endorsed my book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). Yes, I laid in the king's sarcophagus.

By March or April, Mark Van Stone's self-published book on 2012 was released. This was to be considered "the second" book on 2012 by a "real" scholar. An Art Historian and calligrapher, Mark has done many line drawing of glyphs for scholars and therefore has a friendly relationship with many of them, and he also studies epigraphy and attends the Austin Hieroglyphic conferences. See my review in the "Responses to Critics" page.

Around April, Sven Gronemeyer's draft of a treatment of Tortuguero Monument 6 was circulated, intended to be published online with European Council of Mayanist's "Wayeb" journal online. It was expanded and revised with Barb MacLeod, and published in August 2010. A long monograph, or a small book, this can be considered the first official treatment by Maya scholars who had the intention of saying something about what the ancient Maya thought about 2012. There was a sure context of 2012 being a ceremonial rite and a "return" of a Creation deity. Both Gronemeyer and MacLeod later came to state more clearly the ideas of "era transition" and "great return" --- dancing around a straight statement of "cyclic period-ending re-creation or renewal" which expresses my interpretation of 2012.

Between March and early May I had an email exchange with a "Tom Brown," who had written a "review" on Amazon of my book The 2012 Story. I soon discovered that Tom Brown was an alias for one Jim Smith, a math teacher with an evangelical Christian outreach group in Mexico, who would prove capable of extremely unethical and libelous attacks on me and my work, promulgated anonymously or through his various aliases on Wikipedia, Youtube, and the 2012Hoax website. His cowardly and baseless attacks continued into 2013. See my review in the "Responses to Critics" page.

In April 2010 I flew myself to St Louis to give a presentation, at the invitation of Dr. Robert Benfer, at the 75th annual conference of the Society for American Archaeology. I presented and expanded, with my own findings, the discovery made by Michael Grofe during our discussions of Tortuguero Monument 6 in February 2009. Grofe also spoke in the same archaeoastronomy forum, about the Copan Baseline, with profound implications for understanding how the Maya tracked the Sidereal Year. I met Garth Norman for the first time, and Mary Lou Ridinger from The Maya Conservancy -- which had just been launched --- also were in attendance. I briefly talked with David Stuart and bumped into Michael Coe in a hurry going somewhere.

In May of 2010, Archaeoastronomy Journal editor and Mayanist John B. Carlson gave a talk on 2012 at the Robbins Museum in Massachusetts. The announcement for the event described Carlson's ideas, and they echoed my own interpretations of 2012, involving the "return" of a Maya Lord of Creations, for renewal. This signaled yet another scholarly echo of my 2012 interpretations, which came to include Carl Callaway, Tomas Barrientos, and an INAH archaeologist. In his talk, Carlson denigrating my knowledge of Maya astronomy, saying I didn't know about things like the Maya Year Drift formula, which I confirmed when someone sent me a recording of his talk. This topic is discussed and is even listed in the Index for my books Tzolkin (1992/1994) and Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998). This led to me contacting Carlson, and a ridiculously evasive baffle ensued in which Carlson refused to acknowledge his error. See my review of Carlson's activities in the "Responses to Critics" page.

Just for fun, I did an interview for The Onion in May of 2010. It led to some spin-off disinformation about me from Phil Plait on Slate, linking to a debunking site that got its false information about my work from NASA astronomer David Morrison. Read my response to the questions, the published piece, and the blow-back from Plait. I mean truly, read and wonder: http://Update2012.com/onion-may2010.html.

Around the June solstice, the historic "Birth of Time" conference and ceremonial tour took place at selected sites in Guatemala and Mexico, culminating in a ceremony at Izapa with Maya Spiritual Guide Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac and his associates. It was organized through The Maya Conservancy with the guidance of Jim Reed, former president of the Institute of Maya Studies. The Tapachula city council invited us to speak in an honorary event, and Don Rigoberto's words were inspiring. See: http://Alignment2012.com/TheMissionIzapaTour-2010.pdf

In late June Bill Hudson called all debunkers to rally against the "2012 proponents", and he adopted Jim Smith's and Kristine Larsen's distorted and inaccurate portrayals of my biography and work for his website 2012Hoax and also spread them on his AstronomyFM radio program. Attempts to communicate with Hudson to rectify the situation occurred on Facebook in August 2010, early 2012, and July 2014. He proved to be an evasize coward.

I had announced my SAA presentation and word was probably getting around that I had been "officially" sanctioned, invited by archaeologist Robert Benfer to write a chapter in an anthology to be published with the University Press of Florida. My SAA presetnation occurred in April, and In July an email exchange with Ed Barnhart occurred, in which I answered his queries about my work in detail. This led to to his suggestion of a public discussion/debate, which in a sense served as an experimental peer-review forum to discuss the larger implications of my SAA paper --- Grofe's astronomical discovery on TRT Monument 6 provides striking support for my "2012 alignment reconstruction." This was approved with his committee scholars at the Maya Exploration Center and the "MEC-Facebook Discussion" occurred in November-December 2010. The extent to which such a breakthrough and supportive confirmation of my work could not be allowed, for various reasons, would become quite apparent during this discussion/debate.

Also in July, the debacle with Erik Boot and Marc Zender over the alleged Comalcalco "2012" date occurred, on Aztlan. It was triggered by a slight faux pas on my part, as from a previous Aztlan post it appeared that an INAH archaeologist was claiming something thta I knew to be Boot's discovery (about the Comalcalco glyph-block which might be the 2012 date).

I spoke at the second Tipping Point conference, in Vancouver, in late July. I had a tight scheduling issue with my next event, and had to leave that conference a day early and fly directly to Brazil --- 28 hours with connections, layovers, and flights. I did three presentations and healing sessions for 12 days.

Returning from Brazil in August, I discovered someone had hijacked my Wikipedia name entry page, and was spewing lies and distortions about my background. Some of the fabrications looked oddly familiar. For two weeks I tried to correct and contextualize the false assertions, but other Wiki members were seemingly in collusions with the primary hijacker. I had to appeal to the Wiki moderators; they took one look at what was going on and agreed that "jschiapas" was in violation of basic policy. I did some research and found that this person "Jim Smith in Chiapas" was none other than the "Tom Brown" (an alias) who contacted me earlier in 2010, and wouldn't accept my explanations and corrections to his flawed demolitions of my work. Because of his continuing violations, jschiapas was blocked from Wiki. He responded by posting Youtube screeds which accused me of doing exactly what he did --- violate Wiki policy. and, he went over to Bill Hudson's 2012Hoax website and crafted a bio about me that used the same false assertions that wiki deemed to be unsupported and ad hominem in nature. Hudson gladly obliged, since he had called a fat'wa on "2012 proponents" and he labeled me as one who needed to be taken out and mitigated. His call was that "they must go down. Hard."

I wrote the first 12,000-word draft of my Tortuguero Monument 6 astronomy essay for Robert Benfer's archaeoastronomy anthology, in September 2010.

The paperback edition of my book The 2012 Story was released in October. My in-house publicist at Tarcher/Penguin asked me to write a press release and set me up with random blog radio spots. I had been hoping to get some higher level radio appearances.

In mid-October I traveled overnight by Amtrak to my niece's wedding in Illinois, then by car with my brother, Bill, to visit cousins in Cleveland. Then back home, again by Amtrak, where my wife picked me up at the Fort Morgan station.

Gerardo Aldana's paper on the correlation is published in October; I responded and an email exchange ensued in November 2010. He was quite testy about me pointing to Edmonson's evidence for a congruent 260-day count in widely different regions of Mesoamerica at the time of the Conquest. The implications of this are fatal for his non-GMT position --- he stated in an email to me that the GMT correlation was "wrong." See the Aldana entry in "Response to Critics."

My article on Lord Jaguar is published in the December issue of the Institute of Maya Studies Explorer newsletter.

The extensive and exhausting Maya Exploration Center / Facebook debate-discussion, sponsored by Dr. Ed Barnhart and the scholars at the Maya Exploration Center, occurs, November 23- December 20, 2010. Many scholars and 2012 writers participated, including Ed Barnhart, Geoff Stray, Barb MacLeod, Michael Grofe, Robert Sitler, Miguel Sague, Gerardo Aldana, Stan Guenter, and myself. This was transcribed into a 206-page document and posted on the Maya Exploration Center website, as well as on The Center for 2012 Studies website.

December 21, 2010. The lunar eclipse happened on the solstice. I viewed it with my wife and friends at a sweat lodge ceremony outside of Fort Collins. In the night-time sweat vigil, the lineage of the jaguar priests was present. This eclipse reflected the one that our group viewed at the end of Mission Izapa Tour, in Momostenango in late June (2010).

As 2010 came to a close, Maya scholars were preparing to travel to Peru for the Oxford IX archaeoastronomy conference --- the first academic conference with a significant panel dedicated to the investigation of 2012. On December 23 I flew to Christmas with my brother's family in Washington state. My wife could not get the time off work. I was home on New Year's eve, and was already preparing for my Institute of Maya Studies event in January.

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